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Classic Block Paved Front Drive with Attractive Edging


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Clasically Paved Circle with Grey Edgings


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Driveway Options from M & P Paving Contractors

If you are considering a new driveway or extending an existing drive, M & P Paving Contractors provides several surfacing options below, and can advise you in accordance with your requirements and available budget


The durable nature of tarmac has made it a popular surfacing choice for driveways, footpaths, private and public car parks. It can provide an attractive finish to your home or property, but offers little in the way of design, styles, colours or patterns. It does required specialised equipment and expertise to ensure that the required result is achieved.


Block Paving is the most popular choice for driveways and patios and offers a cost effective solution that is easy to maintain and if necessary repair. If offers a wide array of varied brick styles, colours, patterns and edgings, kerbings and other accessories that can be used to enhance your finished design.


It is the most economical of surfacing choices and offers variety by way of numerous colours and grades. Installation should be accompanied by a good quality geotextile underlay that helps to control the growth of weeds.

M and P Paving Contractors as a Brett accredited Installer possess the necessary experience and expertise to confidently provide you with a superior finish for Block Paving, Tarmac, Gravel or Concrete.  Also, you have the added assurance that as Home Pro and FairTrades member, you are dealing with a Block Paving Contractor that has been vetted, and whose work is subject to periodic inspection.

M & P Paving Contractors Ltd serves customers across Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Watford, Berkhamsted and other areas across Hertfordshire and those close to its borders.

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